Alexis Sanchez press conference in full

Alexis Sanchez spoke to the press after winning Man of the Match for Chile’s 1-1 draw against Germany in the Confederations Cup.

  • Alexis praised Germany’s second half performance
  • Is pleased with top scorer title – wants Chile to win competition
  • Ignored question over his future at Arsenal

Alexis not only scored in the sixth minute for Chile against Germany during their Confederations Cup clash and won Man of the Match, he become his national team’s all-time top goalscorer.

Speaking after the draw, the 28-year-old praised Germany’s second half performance after Chile’s strong start.

“I’m very happy to be Chile’s top scorer. Our dream is to win this tournament and we feel we have a chance,” he said.

“We played well in the first half, but Germany adapted very well to how we were playing.”

The forward has been linked with a move away from Arsenal this summer but refuses to answer questions on the topic when asked.

In fact, during his press conference, he outright ignored the journalist who quizzed him on it, instead, only choosing to thank the journo for congratulating him on becoming Chile’s all-time top scorer.