Former Arsenal striker and current Ajax assistant Dennis Bergkamp and his colleagues deny any stories about them pressuring now ex-boss Peter Bosz out of the club.

Peter Bosz, who led Ajax to their first European competition final in 21 years, has left the Amsterdam club in order to join Borussia Dortmund. There have been rumors of a power struggle in Ajax that have allegedly led to Bosz moving, but Bergkamp and three other assistants firmly deny playing any part in his departure.

Borussia Dortmund have announced the arrival of Peter Bosz on Tuesday but the manager refused to comment on the rumors of what has happened between him and the other staff at Ajax.

Dennis Bergkamp, on the other hand, didn’t spare words in rejecting the De Telegraaf story: “There were sometimes different opinions about things, but it’s a healthy sign”

“Sometimes there was a decision in my favor, other times it was in favor of Peter or Hennis [Bosz’s assistant], and I have absolutely not driven him out of the club”

Edwin van der Sar also sent a message regarding the issue: “Peter has not left Ajax because of Dennis. It is nonsense. Dennis recognized Bosz’s vast knowledge and experience. There were discussions at times but it was reasonable. We were very happy with how it all took place, also with the technical staff. Peter wanted it another way, we did not”

The Ajax midfielder Lasse Schone also refuted claims that the relationships between coaching staff was bad: “I can not comment. We do not know everything that goes on behind the doors. We have had a fine season and it has been because of the coaches who have been there, so I think perhaps (the media) blows it out opf proportion. But I do not know what has happened”.

With Peter Bosz now in Borussia Dortmund, there is nothing to gain for either side of the story to prolong the discussion. Perhaps there is a bit of truth regarding some disagreements between the staff at Ajax, but it’s something that comes with the job and with plenty of experienced players and staff in one place. If Borussia Dortmund didn’t come knocking there is a real possibility that Bosz would still be at Ajax.