Arsene Wenger is on the road to beating another Premier League record.

Sir Alex Ferguson is the current holder of the Most Premier League matches managed record after 810 games on the bench of Manchester United. The ex-Red Devils manager is also the longest serving manager since the forming of Premier League as we know it today, managing for 21 seasons.

Arsene Wenger just finished his 21st season with Arsenal, and the Gunners’ manager will break the record of his Scottish counterpart next season.

The Frenchman has been in charge of Arsenal for 790 games, and with a new two-year contract, he will pass Ferguson’s 810 next season too.

The 67-year-old is the current longest serving manager in the league, and has to be admired for that fact alone.

In the modern game of football, any manager that can hold his place for longer than three or four years is talked about as “long-serving”.

When you have a manager keeps his team competitive and is always in the top five of the league, that’s a feat that probably won’t be matched again.

Wenger has certainly had his ups and downs during his stay at Arsenal, and even though his success cannot be compared with Ferguson in terms of trophies, no one can deny the fact that he has built a successful club (and stadium) and that his legacy will remain long after he finally calls it a day.