Since signing for Arsenal from Real Madrid in 2013, what are some of the greatest things Mesut Ozil has done?

Ozil has impressed Arsenal fans since signing for the club four years ago.

The German quickly became a favourite, and was given his own song.

He also brought out this protectiveness in Gooners, since the English press don’t appear to know a good footballer when they see one.

With his Arsenal deal set to come to an end next season and the 28-year-old’s future in north London uncertain, we look back at some of the greatest things he’s done while wearing the red and white.

5Blowing kisses to Spurs fans

During Arsenal’s last trip to White Hart Lane, the playmaker was not only getting abuse but objects hurled at him every time he went to take a corner.

How did he react? Simply blew the Spurs fans a kiss.