Arsene Wenger commented that Chelsea might find things slightly tougher next season having to incorporate Champions League football into their schedule and this has, of course, been twisted by large parts of the media.

Various headlines include: Wenger aims dig at Chelsea, Chelsea’s season will be derailed says Wenger, Wenger aims cheeky jibe… etc etc.

It’s exactly what the same parts of the media did this time last year when Leicester won the Premier League and Wenger said the same thing – that their form would be affected as they played extra matches across Europe. They deliberately misrepresented him then and they are doing it again now.

While Leicester did well in the Champions League, they had to sack their manager to ensure they avoided relegation, so you have to think Wenger might be on to something.

About Chelsea, here’s what Wenger actually said, ”I congratulate Chelsea on what they’ve done, but you see as well when they play in Europe, it’ll be a different story.

“They’ve done well but in the last two seasons the team that won the league hasn’t played in Europe,” Wenger added. “It’ll be a different season next year because they will have to play on Saturday-Wednesday-Saturday.”

What a dig, eh?! Savage