Arsene Wenger will fight any proposed changes to the way he runs the club when he meets with the board this week.

• Wenger is reportedly set to sign a new two-year deal with the club
• However, the manager is against proposed changes
• Arsenal board wish to hire a Sporting Director to assist Wenger

Sami Mokbel’s report in the Daily Mail is the latest in a succession of stories about the ongoing power struggle at the club.

It’s no secret that Wenger likes to do things his way. He has been dismissive of the Sporting Director role in the past and believes a manager must have complete control over team affairs.

However, the Arsenal board have reportedly been pressing for a restructuring at the club and believes that Wenger needs assistance if he’s to continue as Arsenal manager.

The proposed Sporting Director would oversee scouting, contracts and logistics while also assisting with transfers. These are departments that do require improvement.

Wenger, though, is vehemently against any interference in his handling of the team. Mokbel reports that attempts to modernise Wenger’s coaching team from the board could result in the manager leaving the club. The idea of compromise apparently wasn’t considered.

These types of stories are very familiar and tell us nothing new about the situation at the club.

Whatever power struggles there may be, it seems clear that Wenger retains Stan Kroenke’s full support. Wenger extending his contract wouldn’t be at all surprising.

What that would mean for the likes of Ivan Gazidis, who has led the opposition with his “catalyst for change” line, remains to be seen.

The saga should come to an end one way or another this week.

I’m sure I’m not alone in looking forward to this tired story being put to bed.