The Wenger Out protests have reached peak stupidity after an A-level student actually took a day out of school to campaign against Arsene Wenger at a Jeremy Corbyn rally in Leamington Spa.

  • Students pictured holding ‘Wenger Out’ sign at Corbyn rally
  • Claim they believe Corbyn can help Arsenal
  • Labour leader urges fans to stick by Wenger

The student, named Jacob, apparently claimed that he and his fellow students attended the rally in the hope that Corbyn will somehow ‘put all the money’ back into Arsenal.

“We know he supports Arsenal and we wanted to get his thoughts on Wenger because you know if Jeremy wins we want him to nationalise Arsenal, put all the money back into them. He’s doing it for the railways,” he said.

Corbyn has never made any secret of his love of Arsenal and urged the youngster and his pals to have faith in their manager of 21 years.

“I appeal to all of you, do everything you can to get my friend here elected – a fellow Arsenal supporter – which is very important despite what’s being held up… oh (the sign’s) gone,” the Labour leader said, while introducing the party’s candidate for Warwick and Leamington Spa, Matt Western.

This is just the latest example of a ‘Wenger Out’ sign being held up at some random event, e.g. an anti-Trump rally back in February, and while I’m quite sure it’s now more of an internet joke, it’s gotten beyond stupid.