Arsene Wenger met with the press after Arsenal’s 2-0 win over Sunderland at the Emirates and confirmed that Aaron Ramsey was ‘alright’ after being taken off in the second half.

The midfielder, who had enjoyed a quite excellent night rampaging around the pitch, pulled up late in the game and signalled that he wanted to come off right away.

With Ramsey, this is normally something that is quite concerning and you couldn’t help but fear for his place in the Cup final squad. Wenger, however, didn’t seem bothered by the injury at all which is great news.

aaron ramsey injured v sunderland
(Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images)

About Alexis, who was playing after a heavy kick at Stoke, Wenger said he only decided to play him at 4pm on Tuesday.

“With him, I feel he had something still left, but once he’s on the pitch and gets the ball, he always becomes a devil and forgets his pain,” Wenger added.

“Nobody questions his desire and his quality. It shows as well that if you look at his numbers, he has developed here as a player and has become a top-class player and has not wasted his time here. Hopefully that will last for a long time.”