Former Arsenal defender, Matty Upson, believes that Arsenal need to sign a different type of player if they’re going to compete with the big boys next season.

  • Upson was centre-back for Arsenal between 1997 – 2003
  • Reckons that his former team need big personalities not big names
  • Believes Gunners need to be more aggressive
  • He was speaking before Arsenal showed some lovely passhun at Stoke

Upson thinks Arsenal need more of a presence on the pitch. Whether that comes from central defence or midfield, it doesn’t matter.

At the moment, he believes, this is what Arsenal lack, and it’s this absense of dynamism that is holding the Gunners back.

“Instead of one player, it’s a type of player I would like to see them sign,” Upson exclusively told Bwin.

“Arsenal don’t necessarily need big names, but they have to display that drive and determination.

“You need a presence, whether that’s in defence or in the centre of midfield, to win the ball back and be dynamic and aggressive.”

Leicester City, while the exception to the rule, proved last season that you don’t necessarily need big names to be successful. You just need a plan and strong players who will give everything to win. A team that’s passionate and genuinely cares.

Despite results looking up recently, Arsenal still don’t exactly strike fear into the hearts of their opposition, which is why they get so easily brushed aside.

Players like Alexis Sanchez, who appear to not actually care about the club, no matter how gifted, drag the side down.

Upson’s criticism isn’t new. Pundits and former players have been saying Arsenal need ‘leaders’ for years. However, will their terrible season make Arsene Wenger finally listen?