Arsenal fans are planning to protest against Stan Kroenke at the FA Cup final, but shouldn’t this be one day when we put all that aside and get behind the team 100%?

1We can’t sing at the moment.

Not about Arsene Wenger anyway.

The vast majority of Arsenal fans are, regrettably, convinced that there is no going back for the manager. He is not deemed capable of taking the club back to the dizzy heights of his early reign, and so recent improvements are considered short term sticking plasters. “One Arsene Wenger” is unlikely to echo around the stands at the Emirates again until our longest-serving manager finally announces his departure, whenever that may be.

We can’t sing for him.

Equally, though, Arsenal’s current run of form has taken something of an upwards swing. Results have improved, with eight wins in the last nine and five on the bounce. But perhaps as crucially, given our feverish appetites for good football, performances have also improved during the latter part of that run.

We can’t sing against him either.

But that leaves Arsenal fans in a kind of purgatory.

We’re dissatisfied, but we can’t express that dissatisfaction through the usual channels.

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