Hull midfielder, Ryan Mason, has revealed that Petr Cech has been a massive help after he suffered a serious head injury earlier this season.

  • Mason suffered fractured his skull in January
  • Spent a week in hospital
  • Midfielder returned to Hull’s training ground this week
  • Doesn’t know when he’ll play football again
  • Thanks Cech for helping him

Mason suffered a fractured skull after colliding heads with Gary Cahill during Hull’s 2-0 defeat to Chelsea in January.

The 25-year-old had to undergo surgery and has admitted that he doesn’t know when he’ll play football again.

Back in 2006, Cech suffered a similar injury when he clashed with Reading midfielder, Stephen Hunt.

ryan mason 2
Hull City’s English midfielder Ryan Mason is stretchered from the field after a clash of heads with Gary Cahill during the English Premier League football match between Chelsea and Hull City at Stamford Bridge in London on January 22, 2017. (DANIEL LEAL-OLIVAS/AFP/Getty Images)

Mason, who admits that he’s still struggling with tiredness and loud noises, has now revealed that the goalkeeper has been helping him through the long recovery process.

“I was fortunate to speak to people like Petr Cech, who has been through a similar situation to this and he has helped me massively,” the Hull man revealed.

“He has given me advice and told me what to expect, to not to worry about certain things mentally and psychologically, and that was great for me.

“You look at what he has come back to achieve in the game (and it) is remarkable. I am very fortunate because a lot of people study these kinds of things but you never really understand unless you’re in the situation.

“I was very fortunate that he reached out to me and to my family and fiancee, and he took the time to come and see us and talk with us and help us through the situation.”

Head injuries are tough to overcome, which is demonstrated by the fact that Cech still has to wear a protective helmet when playing despite his injury occurring 11 years ago.

Hopefully, Mason continues to heal and can continue to playing the sport he loves.