On a weekend when Arsenal are set to play their third FA Cup Final in four seasons, former Gunner, Martin Keown, has revealed his thoughts on the club’s talisman, Alexis Sánchez and his reported disruptive attitude.

Saying the Chilean is a “difficult man to manage” when speaking on behalf of BT Sport ahead of Saturday’s final against Chelsea, the opinionated 50-year-old revealed he has been at the training ground in recent years and observed Alexis’s behaviour first-hand.

I did turn up at the training ground – I’ve only been there I think twice in the last three years – and it was one of his days off,” Keown clarified.

But he suddenly turned up and he was bouncing around the training pitch. They were having to facilitate him and put a training session on for him. You look at it and think, ‘my god that’s an incredible amount of enthusiasm’.

But it’s his day off and they have to manage him and do something for him and everybody else is trying to train.

That can be a good thing but he’s a very demanding individual. It’s not necessarily about you as a player, you have to fit in as well with the group,” Keown continued.

It’s understandable that the coaching staff were preparing a training session for him, as he has made clear his eagerness to play regardless of injury or when being told to rest.

The fact that Keown has voiced his opinions on this in public doesn’t help matters either, as it very much feels as though he and the media in general are trying to sensationalise a club accommodating the desires of a world-class player.