According to an EXCLUSIVE from the Telegraph’s Matt Law, Ivan Gazidis is set to run away to the MLS if Arsene Wenger doesn’t allow him to implement structural changes at Arsenal.

  • Numerous reports of unrest between Wenger and Gazidis
  • Gazidis set to leave for MLS if Wenger doesn’t comply with changes
  • Could take over from Don Garber as MLS commissioner
  • Served under Garber as deputy commissioner for seven years

Reports claiming that there’s a ‘power struggle’ going on between Wenger and Gazidis have been doing the rounds ever since the manager publicly shut down the idea of Arsenal appointing a director of football.

Wenger wants to remain in complete control, while Gazidis allegedly wants to bring in other people to help run the club and prepare it for the future.

Contrary to recent reports claiming that the chief was set to stay in north London, according to the Telegraph, Gazidis could be set to replace Don Garber as the commissioner of the MLS if Wenger doesn’t relinquish some of his power over Arsenal.

While this should all be taken with a massive grain of salt, if true, the board allowing the club’s chief executive to leave over the manager would be slightly worrying. Especially considering that they could just as soon not renew Wenger’s contract after if expires at the end of the season.

What is clear that, at least on a minor level, there’s something going on behind the scenes between Wenger and Gazidis.