In comparison to the majority of their rivals, Arsenal have squandered more big chances this season and have a less accurate conversion rate too.

In an article on the CIES Football Observatory, they compared every team’s statistics in-front of goal from Europe’s top five leagues.

Correct up until May 2, Arsenal had created 61 big chances in the Premier League this term – only Liverpool (69), Manchester United (71), Tottenham (73) and Manchester City (89) had created more in comparison.

Out of the current top six, Arsenal have the second worst conversion rate (ahead of an un-inspired United side) from the aforementioned opportunities on-goal at 48%.

Newly-crowned champions Chelsea have 53% but crucially have scored more goals from opportunities where a big chance wasn’t fashioned. This could be part of the reason why they’ve secured the title with two league fixtures to spare.

In terms of conversion rate, only a few of Europe’s top sides have a lower percentage than Arsenal.

Luckily for them though, they can afford it.

Bayern Munich have a 45% conversation rate from 86 big chances, but find themselves a commanding ten points ahead of second-placed RB Leizpig with two matches left.

It’s more of the same in Italy, too. Juventus have 41% from 81 big chances, and have scored more from opportunities that were not classed as significant in comparison (37 to 33 with big chances). They’re seven points clear of Roma with three league matches remaining.

There’s a key theme here – Europe’s best can only get away with it domestically, where they face weaker opposition who are less likely to punish them in a clinical manner.

Premier League opponents offer far more unpredictability though, meaning every chance could potentially count for something and extra points missed will always haunt teams come the end of the season.