Did you know that if Arsenal and Liverpool are completely tied on points, goals scored and goal difference at the end of the season, there could be a Champions League play-off?

  • Liverpool are four points ahead of Arsenal with two games left to play
  • Arsenal hoping for Liverpool slip-up
  • Both teams could face play-off at neutral venue

Arsenal have three fixtures left to play while Liverpool have two.

The Gunners are only four points behind Jurgen Klopp’s team in third. However, while Liverpool can achieve a maximum of 76 points, Arsenal can only reach 75, which means that Arsene Wenger will have to rely on either West Ham or Middlesbrough to help him out.

If Arsenal and Liverpool finish the season with the same goal tally, number of points and goal difference, there will be a play-off for which team gets that coveted fourth Champions League spot.

The results needed for this rare event to occur have to be as follows:


  • Stoke City 1-1 Arsenal
  • Arsenal 3-0 Sunderland
  • Arsenal 2-1 Everton


  • West Ham 1-0 Liverpool
  • Liverpool 3-1 Middlesbrough

This way, both teams would have 73 points, a goal difference of 30 AND a goal tally of 74.

Interestingly, by losing to Arsenal, Everton could help knock their rivals out of the top four.