Now that Arsenal are definitely in the Europa League next season, fans have admitted that they would rather they just field their kids and concentrate on the league.

  • Arsenal beat Everton 3-1 on final day of the season
  • Liverpool’s 3-0 win over Middlesbrough left Gunners’ fate out of their hands
  • Gunners now finish outside top four for the first time in two decades

Unlike the Champions League, Arsenal should have a genuine chance to win the Europa League next year if they really throw everything at it and don’t mess around. If they’re going to play in it, they might as well own it.

However, with the extra fixtures come tired players, and if the Gunners are really going to go all out for the Premiership, they may need to rest players.

With this in mind, it might be more sensible to play the kids and treat Europa like a League Cup, which Gooners reckon is the most sensible option.