After recent reports appeared to suggest Arsene Wenger’s stance on certain club changes could cost him a new Arsenal contract, it seems that the manager’s had a change of heart.

  • Arsenal board want Wenger to relinquish some control
  • Wenger previously against director of football
  • Manager is now willing to work alongside someone for good of the club
  • Gunners now said to be confident of reaching a deal

Speaking ahead of Arsenal’s clash against Everton, Wenger admitted that he would in fact be open to working alongside someone for the sake of the club.

Director of Football, when I say that, is a guy who decides the decisions that normally are down to the manager,” Wenger said.

“That means selection of players buying and all matters that concern the functioning of the team on a daily basis. Of course we can need help to become better, yes of course. I am always open to that.

He added, “I am always open to things that improve the quality and the future of the club.

“Apart from that, after that you have to see if it’s really efficient because the titles do not always make you better.

He insinuated that his previous comments about not wanting Arsenal to appoint a director of football were twisted and claimed that he meant something else.

Miraculously, since his slightly more pro-director of football comments, a report from the Telegraph is claiming that Arsenal are in fact confident that they’ll reach an agreement with Wenger over his new contract.

This backs up previous rumours that Ivan Gazidis, along with other members of the Arsenal board, were getting rather miffed with Wenger’s unwillingness to relinquish some control when it comes to structural changes.