Alexis Sánchez has stated his disapproval that fans are making their frustrations known about Arsene Wenger, calling them “very bad” whilst defending his manager.

The 28-year-old forward is disappointed with fan-led demonstrations and despite the club’s inconsistent form in 2017 denting any hopes of mounting a proper title charge, he doesn’t seem to understand why supporters have criticised Arsene so aggressively in recent months.

They need a victory against Everton and Liverpool to drop points, or City alternatively to lose heavily away against Watford to secure a place among Europe’s elite in the UEFA Champions League next season. Otherwise, they’ll be faced with the task of featuring in the Europa League for the first time since the 1999/2000 campaign.

With that in mind, the calls for Wenger to resign have gradually increased with poor performances suggesting a fresh managerial change and efficient transfer activity could rectify the problems at hand.

Sánchez though, doesn’t agree.

The club’s top goalscorer this season focused on Wenger’s achievements to date in north London, saying the supporters owe him a debt of gratitude for the success he has achieved over the past two decades.

For me, it [fan demonstrations] is very bad. He is the manager who gave a stadium to the club, won cups, and he has been 21 years in the job. He is the creator of the stadium, the players and style of the club.

Naturally, questions began to surround whether this admission would see him clarify his future and if he’ll stay an Arsenal player past this season. Unsurprisingly though, Alexis refused to elaborate on his future – instead stressing he’d decide once the season was complete.

I cannot tell you now (about my future). We have to wait until the end of the season. As I always say, it doesn’t depend on me. It depends on the club. What they like, what they don’t like.

“I always said the same: I try to do my best, to support the team, to score goals, to win victories. And we will see at the end. If they like that I carry on, or they don’t.

“Whatever they want, we will see it at the end of the tournament.