Alexis reveals his weird nickname

Just when you thought that dude Alexis Sanchez couldn’t get any weirder, he’s gone and revealed his childhood nickname.

The dog-loving, strop-throwing Chilean spoke with (and when I say ‘spoke with’ I mean ‘shut in a room with’) David Ospina for Arsenal’s official YouTube channel recently.

The pair discussed pressing topics such as their favourite chocolate and who can run faster, and Alexis revealed his weird nickname.


“Because I was just like a squirrel,” the forward explained to a confused Ospina, who’s probably also wondering how the hell he’s still an Arsenal player, “I was always climbing up things wherever I went.”

For some reason, Ospina found this hard to believe, repeating, “You were always climbing up things?”

“Yes,” Alexis confirmed. “Honestly. I was always climbing up things.”