Wilshere defends Wenger, reveals Arsenal dissappointment

Jack Wilshere has admitted it hurts for him to see Arsenal’s well-documented struggles this season.

      • Wilshere to decide future in summer
      • Hints that the players are letting Wenger down
      • Bournemouth face Tottenham on Saturday at 12.30pm 

The 25-year-old midfielder defended Arsène Wenger, praising him for all he has done, whilst answering questions about his own future.

Eddie Howe’s side host Arsenal’s North London rivals Tottenham on Sunday afternoon and during a pre-recorded interview with Sky’s Geoff Shreeves, Wilshere was understandably defensive on the subject of Wenger and his parent club’s poor run of form.

“It hurts me to see Arsenal faltering, I wouldn’t say it hurts me to see Tottenham rise. They’ve always been there or thereabouts,” Wilshere admitted.

“It might change this year but it hurts me more to see Arsenal struggling.”

This season could be the first year that Tottenham finish above Arsenal during Wenger’s reign as manager.

“He [Wenger] has always been great for me. He put me in at a young age which you don’t see a lot at top clubs with all the pressure for trophies.

“He stuck with me and showed faith in me. So for me he’s great and I can’t imagine Arsenal without him. He has been great for me and that’s all I can say.

“Sometimes a manager can only do so much, as in prepare a team and then the team have to go out there and perform.”

Wilshere did well to keep some of the focus on his current club, who are not out of danger yet despite infrequent flashes of brilliance as a unit.

He said his future would be assessed in the summer, once he returns to the club.

“I’ve said before. I have to wait until the end of the season. I’m a Bournemouth player and we’re still not out of trouble. You don’t want people to say you went out on loan and got Bournemouth relegated.

“I’ve got a year left. So I’m sure I’ll sit down with the boss and whoever it may concern and we’ll sort it out,” Wilshere clarified.

Wilshere’s comments come as no surprise, given the level of trust Wenger had in his ability from a young age.

It’ll be interesting to see how this develops because Wenger has already stressed Wilshere’s long-term importance to the club going forward but if the man isn’t in charge once he returns, who knows what will happen next?