Jorge Sampaoli, the 57-year-old Sevilla boss, has set his heights on joining a Premier League team in order to chase titles according to a recent report.


2. Who is Jorge Sampaoli and what does he bring to his teams?

The Argentinian is known for his use of a 3-3-1-3 system, with which he made history by winning Copa Sudamericana with Chile – their first ever continental trophy.

Sampaoli belongs to a group of ‘bielista’ trainers, named after famous Marcelo Bielsa.

His style consists of hard pressing and a high defensive line during which his team is astonishingly flexible tactically, constantly changing shape to confront their opponents.4

Sampaoli believes he could implement his system in Premier League.

“There’s this idea that in England they play in a certain way. But I believe it’s the same game everywhere and you can play any system in any place and make it work,” Sampaoli said.

“The budget is not important. What counts is the ability to conduct a group of footballers to fight for an objective.”

He has proven that with Sevilla by achieving 13 victories in the first half of Spanish season, more than ever before in the history of Sevilla.

With his flamboyant approach, the Argentinian is considered to be one of the top three motivators currently in the game, alongside Antonio Conte and Diego Simeone.

High pressure, intensity and handling of the ball are the main characteristics of his style, every move has its purpose and is perfectly visualised. His obsessiveness with using the ball in the most efficient way possible is seen in every Sevilla match, and reflected by his touchline approach.

Considering the challenge of achieving anything in La Liga next to Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid, Sampaoli’s Sevilla have become a real threat, and are still challenging Atletico Madrid for third place.

With one year still on his contract with Sevilla, any team that wanted to bring him in would have to pay a £1.5m exit clause.

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