Mesut Ozil had a glorious chance to score for Arsenal and perhaps win them the game against Manchester City but he fluffed his lines.

  • Ozil grabbed an assist and played 3 key passes
  • His pass completion percentage was a poor 78.7%
  • Ozil had only one more touch than Mustafi

By that point, it seemed as if the midfielder was dead on his feet and it’s not really surprising given how little he’s played recently.

That, of course, did not save him from another savaging after the game.

Arsene Wenger also highlighted the miss but seemed to think that fatigue played a role.

“We could not afford to lose, no. I think we went for it,” Wenger said.

“I feel at the end Iwobi had a good chance but the best chance came to Mesut Ozil. In front of the keeper, you don’t expect him to lose the ball there, maybe fatigue, he hasn’t played for months.”