News that local rivals, Tottenham, are moving to Wembley next season is welcome fodder for Arsenal fans as statistics indicate Spurs’ record there is less than stellar.

Spurs’ home record will obviously account only for half of the points played for over the course of a season, but Arsenal fans will be hoping that Tottenham keep up their current Wembley relegation form:

Seven defeats, one draw and one win in nine would roughly translate into fourteen defeats, two draws and two wins over a full season, with maybe an extra draw as the 19th game.

It would mean a total of nine points from all the home games at Wembley. NINE!

That could leave Spurs in need of 31 points away from home to reach the magical 40-point limit to secure safety in the Premier League – 1.63 points per game, or eight wins and seven draws out of 19 away games.

There is no doubt that opponents always raise their level when they play a game at Wembley and therefore you would certainly expect Spurs to carry on losing games as they did in recent years.

Well, we can but dream…