Ivan Gazidis will not be quitting Arsenal this summer after it was apparently rumoured that he was thinking of quitting at the club to head back to America.

  • Gazidis arrived at Arsenal in January 2009
  • He was a gifted drummer a child
  • Gazidis came to Arsenal with 14 years MLS experience

I’m not overly sure how reliable the rumours are about Gazidis thinking over his future but they certainly haven’t been widely reported.

It would, though, make sense.

This is a man who is likely to be tasked with actually running the club sooner rather than later. He will be key to finding a replacement for Arsene Wenger and all signs point to him not having a clue.

Of course, this is all perception.

He could be excellent at his job and just not very good at showing that to fans.

The story started in the S*n and spread to the Daily Star.

Where it goes from there is anyone’s guess.