Emmanuel Frimpong has likened Nicklas Bendtner’s confidence to Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s.

  • Bendtner and Frimpong both left Arsenal in 2014
  • Both were misunderstood, Frimpong claims
  • Claims Bendtner and Zlatan have same confidence

Former Gunner Frimpong, who now plays for Swedish club AFC Eskilstuna, spoke recently about his time alongside Nicklas Bendter at Arsenal. Both players, Frimpong insists, were misunderstood.

“Nicklas is a bit like me,” Frimps explained. “Sometimes people don’t quite understand Nicklas. He believes in himself and believes himself that he is the best. Why not? If he does not believe in himself, who will do it? There is nothing wrong with.

“Nicklas has some funny stories like me, and sometimes we make some stupid things. Nicklas was super cool and very fun. He always made me laugh.

“The way he talks to. The way he stands on. The way he goes on. He is a bit like Zlatan. The way he carries himself on. You know, it’s a guy with confidence. The way he dressed. He feels he looks good.”

The key difference between Zlatan and Bendtner is the glaringly obvious fact that the Manchester United striker is actually  a brilliant player. Despite supposedly being over-the-hill at the age of 35, he’s scored 28 goals in 45 appearances over all competitions this season.

Bendtner, who currently plays for Rosenborg after failed stints at Wolfsburg and Nottingham Forest, only scored 47 goals over his entire nine years at Arsenal.

While Zlatan’s arrogance can be backed up with actual quality, despite it being somewhat annoying, Bendtner’s can’t.

What’s more is that Zlatan obviously plays up to his image; Bendtner just seems to genuinely think he’s that good.