West Ham chairman, David Gold, believes that Arsene Wenger will stay at Arsenal and ‘weather the storm’.

  • Gold believes if Wenger wants to stay, he will
  • His own manager has come under fire recently for string of bad results
  • West Ham chairman reckons Arsenal fans feel entitled to trophies

The Hammers are currently struggling, having won just one out of their last five Premier League games. In fact, they’re in such bad form that they even lost 3-0 to Arsenal last week.

Therefore, after publicly backing manager Slaven Bilic, Gold reckons he knows a thing or two about Wenger’s situation at in north London and the pressure the Frenchman faces.

“I don’t really think Arsene Wenger is under serious pressure for his job,” Gold told Goal.

“The man has been there 20 years and everybody knows how he works and I think if he wants to stay that will be that.

“He will stay. The Arsenal fans are a bit like Manchester United’s – they believe they have a right to trophies. They expect to win everything so this is very difficult for them.

“I think Arsene Wenger will be OK. He will weather the storm and I don’t accept there is some sort of dressing room revolt going on. 

“He has been there long enough to know how to sort that out.”

While I agree with Gold that Wenger probably doesn’t feel as much pressure from the Arsenal board as other managers do, insinuating that Gooners are unhappy because they feel entitled to trophies is a little wide of the mark.

The difference is, unlike West Ham, Arsenal are a club that’s used to winning trophies. Under Wenger, the Gunners have won three titles and six FA Cups.

Arsenal fans don’t feel let down because they reckon they’re entitled silverware, it’s because this manager has proven time and time again that he’s more than capable of winning it. This current team has had millions spent on it and, on paper, they could be fantastic.

But this isn’t the case.

The situation at Arsenal hasn’t just stalled, it’s regressed, and that’s why fans are angry and Wenger should feel pressure from them if no one else.