Chris Willock has been speaking to this month’s Arsenal magazine about Stephy Mavididi’s season-ending injury.

The Arsenal youngster had been impressing during his loan spell with Charlton before he snapped his hamstring. Stretchered off, Charlton’s manager admitted that he had over played the teenager, costing him the rest of the campaign.

“Stephy’s a really good friend of mine so when I heard that his loan had been terminated because of his injury, I was really upset for him,” Willock said.

“I sent him a message, something encouraging and all I really wanted to tell him was that he’s got to keep his head up now.

“I really hope that Stephy can come back stronger from this experience and I know that if he keeps doing what he’s doing his chance can come again.

“Stephy’s really funny, so in my downtime, I choose to sepnd a lot of time with him. We go out to eat together or I go to his house or he comes to mine just to relax and spend time together. He’s really funny and just a genuinely nice lad.”

Mavididi is hoping to head back out on loan next season and after his displays in the Championship, he will not be short of offers. According to recent reports, Mavididi has already told Arsenal that he wants to go out again next season and there seems only one reason Arsenal would say no – they have first team plans for him.

That seems unlikely given how short this loan was, but what a player Arsenal will have if they can get him a full season of first team football.