Arsene Wenger has admitted that he’s yet to make a decision on his future at Arsenal and that he’s taking a bit of time to see how the team fares this season.

Wenger has become understandably tetchy when it comes to questions regarding his future at Arsenal. During his presser ahead of the clash against Bayern Munich was no different.

It was previously thought that the boss would announce his decision in March or April. However, Wenger’s recent comments appear to suggest that he could wait until the season is over in May before making a decision.

“I haven’t come to a decision yet,” he said. “I’ll wait a bit and see how the season finishes here. I’ve been here or 20 years and think I’ve built the club up. It’s important for me that we’re always successful and that’s why I’ve given myself a bit of time.”

For all we know, he could have already made his decision and be waiting for the right time to announce it. Or, he may genuinely have no idea what the future lies for him. The only thing that is clear, is that he’s not going to suddenly declare where he’ll be next term during a Champions League press conference.