Watch: Vieira becomes third former player to question Arsenal player’s mentality

Patrick Vieira has become the latest former Arsenal player to question Arsenal’s players in defence of Arsene Wenger.

Previously, Samir Nasri and Nicholas Anelka had both raised doubts about the mentality of a number of current Arsenal players. Now Vieira, head coach at New York City, has echoed their comments.

“I know Arsene and I know he’s not the type of person that will just throw the towel in and walk out of this situation,” he told Sky Sports.

“He will fight for it because he’s proud and he will give everything like he’s been doing for the football club.

“It’s true people have been putting a lot of doubt on Arsene’s capability of managing the team, coaching the team but I think when you get to some of the situation, you have to as well look at the players.

“In some of the situation the players have been letting Arsene down a lot. Of course coaches have responsibility but players have responsibility as well.

“You can work all the week about the approach you want to have for the game, but when players are on the field, they are the ones who have to fight, they are the ones who have to put their foot in, they’re the one who has to jump, they’re the one who has to compete.

“If you don’t do it then it will be a problem. Yes, we can talk about Arsene and talk about things, but I think it’s important for players to take responsibility and look in the mirror as well.”