On 2 March 2002, Dennis Bergkamp scored a goal so beautiful, it’s gone down in history as one of the best Premier League goals ever.

Arsenal were on the way to their third Double having only lost three Premier League games that season. In fact, the last game they had lost was against Newcastle at Highbury (1-3), so the team would have felt they had something to prove. Saying this, the Gunners were 10 games unbeaten in the League at this point so I doubt there was much else left to prove.

Although Sol Campball found the net just before halftime to put Arsenal 2-0 ahead, it was Bergkamp’s opening goal in the 11th that really stole the show.

Bergkamp received a low ball from Robert Pires under pressure from the Magpies’ Nikos Dabizas. In one effortless motion he controlled the ball, flicked it and went around the defender before scoring.

It was stunning, instinctive and Bergkamp’s class personified.