Olivier Giroud has revealed a spiritual side I don’t think many Arsenal fans would have expected.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with L’Equipe magazine, the French forward explained how he starts each day by sharing ‘an exchange with Jesus’.

Asked how he was dealing with this ‘frustrating season’, the reporter mentioned a book Giroud’s mum is meant to have got for him, ‘Invigorating thoughts’ by Françoise Garagnon and asked if it helped him.

“There is not necessarily a link with anything spiritual in this book,” Giroud said. “The reference for me is rather ‘A Moment With Jesus’, by Sarah Young [Un moment avec Jésus : Chaque jour de l’année]. Thanks to this book, each day I share an exchange with Jesus. That allows me to start my day right.

“Each day corresponds with a text, a thought.”

He also explained that he has a biblical verse on tattooed on his arm. “Yes, ‘With the Lord as my shepherd, I shall not want.’

“I grew up with Christian values and I have always felt safe conforming to them. These serious words on my arm reassure me, I know that if I need something, help, I can pray.

“Sometimes I have prayed in the middle of a match, yes.

“Sometimes, when everything is not going the way that I want, I seek help from Jesus. That helps me concentrate again. To focus on what is essential.

“Speaking to him allows me to clear my mind. It only goes on for a few seconds, but it helps me to rid of my frustration.”