David Seaman doesn’t think it’ll be a disaster if Arsene Wenger stays at Arsenal, even though he’s questioning what the Frenchman’s going to do.

  • Wenger has 3 months left on his Arsenal contract
  • Wenger’s reportedly extending by 2 years
  • Seaman played for Arsenal between 1990 – 2003
  • Seaman worked under Wenger for 7 years

The former goalkeeper has always stood by Wenger and believes that if the boss does extend his contract past this summer, it won’t be a disaster for the club. Saying this, he acknowledges that Arsenal are going through a tough patch… to put it lightly.

“No, it won’t be a disaster [if he signs a new deal],” the ex-England international told talkSPORT.

“At the moment even I’m questioning what he’s going to do, about which way is the best way.

“I’ve always been a big Arsene fan and I always will be. When I was at the club and he came in, the changes he made were unbelievable. He’s at the stage now where he needs to make some other changes.

“If he’s going to stay at the club for another two years there’s a lot that needs changing. The club at the moment is just not going anywhere – we’re out of the top four and there had to be a season where we weren’t going to finish in the top four.

“Maybe it is a disaster, at the moment, but it’s something Arsenal fans have taken for granted and now all of a sudden there’s a big chance that it’s not going to happen and everyone is flapping.

“It just needs sorting out. We need to know what’s happening – Is he going to sign, or is he going to leave?”

Arsenal are in sixth place in the table having won just one Premier League match since 11 February and lost three of our their last 10 matches in all competitions. Two of these wins were in the FA Cup against non-league opposition. One was against Hull.

Seaman’s right. If Wenger’s staying, it may not be a disaster, but huge change is needed.

Speaking ahead of Arsenal’s Premier League clash against Manchester City, Wenger was quizzed about his potential future and once again avoiding answering.