Hector Bellerin has given a lengthy interview to Mundo Deportivo and his comments are ripe for twisting.

Not once in the whole interview does the interviewer from the Catalan paper mention the fact that Bellerin signed a six-year deal with Arsenal.

So, bearing in mind the angle of the interview and the fact the UK press are going to have a field day with it, here’s the full thing for you [via Google translate]. The only part I left out was some stuff about the games against Bayern because, really, who wants to read about that again?

First, he was asked how this season is going…

For me it has been a season a little hard, because of the injuries I could not have the same continuity of last year. And at the club level now these last few weeks have been difficult, especially after the two defeats against Bayern, there has been much stir with the fans, the coach and everything that is happening. They are not easy weeks, but now when we get back from the national team we have to get down to work.

And Wenger’s future?

We know the same as the rest of the people. For three or four years, it has been speculated and asked the same thing at the end of the season. We have a lot of respect for him, what he has done for 21 years is going to be very difficult to match, I would like him to stay, because I have a lot of appreciation and I owe him a lot.

He is a person to whom I have a lot of respect and I owe him a lot, because he bet and trusted me from the first minute. Loyalty to that person is worth more than money or any other things, it is something very important for me, that he is there for me weighs a lot.

How many times have you been asked about returning to Barcelona?

They always ask me if I’m going back to Barca. And I always say that I am very happy in Arsenal, I am already six seasons in London, I am very happy and trying to do better in every game.

Asked if he knows of the interest of Barcelona…

Yes, and any player is flattered by the interest of Barca, is the best club in the world or one of the best and that is very nice, the fact that I was raised in the quarry Barca gives me that extra bit to be something special for me. It is a very nice thing to be linked to Barça, but I have to be centred in the club that I am now and in the matches that we have, the rest will come later.

Would he like to return?

When I left Barca my intention was never to return, because my exit was a little difficult to take, just as other players are saying that it is to return, I went to live my adventure in England, to learn, to become Footballer and what the future holds for you, you do not know it and you can not close doors, I respect the club that I am in, I have a great love for the Arsenal, for everything they have given me.

Can he see himself changing his mind?

In football you never know what you are looking for, the interest and all that is very nice, but there is still much to finish the season and there can be many changes also in Arsenal yet. There is uncertainty in many things, I have to focus on doing my job, I still have a lot to learn.

Everyone has to choose their way, it is very difficult to get from the youth ranks to the first team, very few people have succeeded. I made the decision to take the step, I left for the Arsenal and I am not sorry for anything, I am very happy of the decision I made, now that there are rumors about a possible return. Maybe if I had stayed I would not look the same, so I am very happy with the step I gave, with what I have learned and lived these six years. What the future holds remains to be seen.

Is there anything to Manchester City’s interest?

I know there has been interest from City, a compliment that a coach like Guardiola in your ranks is very nice, that is what motivates me even more, a sign that things are going well, but I still have a long way to go to improve.

Asked if it was true he’d prefer to go to City instead of Barca

That is not true, I never said that to begin with because I do not talk about these things out of respect for Arsenal. I would never talk about other teams.

Is Mikel Arteta at City a factor?

Mikel is a very honest person, he never wanted to take me there. He knows what is best for me, Arteta is very special to me, he has been like a second father, he helped me a lot when I arrived at Arsenal, on and off the field, I have a lot of affection and respect.

Where does he see himself next season?

At the moment I am very happy where I am, focused on finishing the season, in the U21 [with Spain], at Arsenal and then what comes, will come.