Barcelona appear to have got the message regarding Hector Bellerin and Arsenal with their Technical Director, Roberto Fernandez admitting, ‘there are other players who can do well in that role’.

  • Bellerin left Barcelona in 2011
  • He recently signed an Arsenal contract until 2023
  • There is no evidence his poor form is connected to his awful hairstyle

The Catalan side appeared to be gearing up for a Cesc-style assault on Hector Bellerin to get him to return to the club he left for Arsenal six years ago, however they seem to be ready to move on.

Like Fabregas, who also left Barcelona to join Arsenal, Hector has just signed a six-year deal. Unlike Cesc, however, Hector has never yearned for a return home.

While his comments recently showed something of a softening of his ‘never return there’ policy, Bellerin is happy in London and feels a debt to Arsene Wenger.

Speaking to the press, Fernandez, said, “He’s a good player who is playing a high level championship, but there are other players who can do well in that role right side.”

Let’s see how long that attitude lasts.