A look at Arsenal’s week in videos.

As if losing to Liverpool in the Premier League wasn’t bad enough, Arsenal had their backsides handed to them once again when Bayern Munich visited the Emirates on Tuesday night. Luckily, the week ended on a high with a 5-0 win over Lincoln.

Ahead of the Bayern match, Arsene Wenger and Per Mertesacker were probed about the manager’s future, to which Wenger gave a typically noncommittal response and the BFG did this…


Here’s the full video.

I’ll spare you the pain of re-watching the Bayern ‘highlights’. However, something there’s no escaping was Alexis Sanchez’s bizarre reaction when the German giants scored their fifth.


After the match, Wenger was furious at the referee.

Over on the Arsenal YouTube channel, David Ospina spoke about his career so far in the feature ‘Arsenal Albums’.

And Granit Xhaka spoke about his family history.

Arsenal played Lincoln in the FA Cup on Saturday night.

Ahead of the match, the boss spoke about Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and a mystery illness that may – or may not –  be sweeping through the squad.

Arsenal thankfully won 5-0, sending them through to the semi-finals at Wembley once again. However, the REAL match highlight was Mesut Ozil doing this:

After the match, Petr Cech and Theo Walcott spoke to the press


As did Arsene Wenger when the BT Sport guy didn’t even ask him a single question about the match