Guys, the season is almost over – just one more to go after April!

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We can do it!

As it always is, it’s getting tougher as we draw closer to the end of the season. No Champions League this month, but there’s a lot of Premier League, including some postponed matches from earlier in the season.

Bear with me on this one, I’m in a bad mood with the of whole March thanks to Arsenal so this ‘preview’ will be the same.

Thanks to fantastic planning from a brilliant television organisation who matter more than anyone, Arsenal play more weekday matches than weekend ones this month, including 2 on a Monday. Isn’t that just brilliant!

The month starts bright and cheerful with Man City at home who, no doubt, will make Pep look like he’s back at Barca. Who knows, maybe our stars will turn up and actually show on the pitch how much they want Arsene Wenger to stay instead of just in the papers and we’ll win this one!

No rest for the lads, as we host Hammers just three days later with a Champions League kick off time, and hopes of a slightly better performance than the last few 7.45s. A girl can dream, eh?

Next up ,we have our first Monday match of the month – away to Palace. It sounds like a scrappy one nil to me but I’ll take any win there whatosever so, please, make it a scrappy one nil win.

After Palace, we get one week of rest to prepare for Middlesbrough away. They are struggling, not far away from relegation, so no doubt our lads will show how nice they are and let get another result against us. We might finally start playing in 75th minute and score a few.

The second half of the month is where the real fun is – and the reason for the image I picked for this wallpaper.

We’re off to our second home, Wembley, to face Man City again, but this time in the FA Cup semi final. I’m not going to joke about this one because I seriously believe we will win this match and the competition. Call me crazy (many do), but it’s a feeling I have.

Three days after our triumph at Wembley (yes, I went there), we host the invigorated Leicester and fan favorite Jaime Vardy. This one will definitely be fun as we’re gonna be flying high on our Wembley win and will smash Leicester, like, 2-1 with late winner.

The month ends with a bang – the North London Derby.

No doubt there will be more talk about this being the season when Spurs finally finish above us so this match will be a great time to show them where they belong. A Giroud hat trick, just because.

And there you have it. We survive April, and then there is only one month of agony left before three months of transfer nonsense.

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