Alexis Sanchez wants to remain at Arsenal next season, presumably so he can then leave on a free to a club like Chelsea or Manchester United that Arsenal wouldn’t sell him to.

  • Alexis is out of contract next summer
  • Arsenal want him to sign a new deal
  • All contract talks at the club are on hold until the end of the season

This is, quite possibly, the worst of all options when it comes to Alexis.

If he leaves now, we get to control how much we get for him and where, to a certain degree, he can and cannot go. If he leaves next summer he can go wherever he wants.

As quoted by El Grafico journalist, Javier Rios, and relayed by Sport Witness, here’s what Alexis said at a Huawei press conference on Wednesday: “I’m happy in London, I hope I can finish my contract at Arsenal.

“I want to keep myself in a winning team and stay in the same city.”

Who knows, if Arsenal get their crap together this summer and mount a challenge next season, perhaps he will consider a new deal.

As it stands, he looks like he will be off 12-months later than expected by for not

hing unless the board just decide to sell him this summer regardless. If he wants to stay in London, that only really leaves one other option, eh?eyeroll gif

exclamation bannerIt’s worth noting that…

Tone and intention are impossible to determine from a set of tweets. It could well be that what Alexis said and how it is now being made to sound, are two very different things.