The papers, as you all know, love nothing more that a bit of hyperbole to start the day.

I thought I’d have a look around the papers and see what narratives are brewing on their back pages this morning.

But first, as I’m often so critical of a lot of what these tabloid reporters (and sub-editors) produce, I thought it would be nice to start with a positive take from Matthew Dunn in the Express of all places.

It’s not a back page, but it is the only headline with a positive spin that I spotted in today’s editions of Express, Star, Mirror, Sun, Times, Telegraph, and Guardian.

Daily Express

170218 express dunn wenger article

And their back page:

Daily Express

The Guardian

170218 guardian

The Mirror

170218 mirror back page

Daily Star

170218 daily star back page

The Sun

170218 sun back page

The Times

170218 times back page

The Telegraph

170218 telegraph

Daily Mail

170218 daily mail back page