Danny Welbeck was the latest player to take part in Arsenal’s ‘Arsenal albums’ feature on their official YouTube channel and the former Manchester United striker made a rather startling admission over how he used to feel about Kieran Gibbs.

Laughing, the 26-year-old explained how much he disliked Gibbs when they were playing for rivals teams at a youth level. In fact, when they faced each other in the FA Youth Cup semi final back in 2007, Welbz admitted that he hated him.

“It was the first time we prepared like it was a first team match,” he said.

“It was a special moment. Obviously me and Gibbo are very close friends now but back then I used to hate him to be honest.

“He was bigger than me, faster than me, he was so strong and I was like ‘what is this guy about?’

“He scored the first goal at the Emirates. The second leg was at Old Trafford and I scored the winner to knock Arsenal out.”

Welbz went on to talk about when he signed for Arsenal, admitting that it’s another special moment for him.

“It was a special moment for me again,” he smiled.

“There are a lot of special moments in your career and this is definitely one of them.

“Putting on the Arsenal shirt and playing for this club was a very proud moment. It’s big for me and it’s something I’m looking forward to doing many more times.