We survived February which is right next to November when it comes to bad months for Arsenal.

We didn’t came through untroubled, oh no. A defeat against a strong Chelsea side, and an embarrassment in Munich, once again, along with really poor performances on the pitch even when we won made it another month to forget.

So, what does March bring?

Hopefully not more of the same.

Our boys are on a little break before we face Liverpool at Anfield. That’s a huge match, of course, and no better time for a ‘comeback’.

Liverpool beat us on the opening day, in a match of bad defences. This time, we have Mustafi, but to be honest, that doesn’t make me feel any more comfortable at the moment. Nevertheless, I’m confident we’ll see this one through and perform [Edit – you say that about every match].

Then comes Bayern at home, for our usual comfortable win in a tie that was already lost so we end up dropping out because of one goal. Or something like that.

As the leading optimist at Cannon Towers, I am obliged to say that the ball is round and perhaps Bayern will come with a weaker team. Impossible is nothing. But our sponsor is not Nike, it’s Puma, and even I think it’s impossible to fix this.

March continues with 2 ‘easy’ matches. I should go back and look at how many times I marked some matches as ‘easy’ and Arsenal made them look anything but.

The FA Cup draw was good to us again (they saw we suffered enough in Champions League), so we play lower-league Lincoln City at home. Since we didn’t deliver a smashing against Sutton, it better happen against Lincoln. A semi-final at Wembley in a really ‘meh’ season sounds good.

The premier League then returns with an away trip to West Brom who are not looking bad at all, keeping their place in the top half of midtable (is that even a thing?).

All is not lost in the league, but we are fighting more for Top 4 than for the title. A win is a must here.

I’m not sure about Southampton match that was supposed to be played on the last weekend of February. There is a possibility it will be played sometime in March but we’ll keep you updated.

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