Thierry Henry has revealed why he made the decision to join Roberto Martinez coaching with the Belgium national team instead of staying at Arsenal.

Previously, the Arsenal legend and Sky Sports pundit was coaching at London Colney, looking to become the u18s’ coach. However, this didn’t happen due to Wenger apparently not being comfortable with the former player’s punditry, and when the former forward was faced with the opportunity to become assistant manager of the Belgium national team, he took it.

 “I’m not in a hurry, I’m learning a lot, in the heat of the moment. I got an offer, I took it,” Henry told RMC Sport.

“The boss of the academy [at Arsenal] proposed to me to be coach of the Under-18s. I think you saw it, it did not happen.

“I respect the choice of the coach [Wenger].”

There was a lot of talk at the time of Arsene Wenger giving Henry an ultimatum, since he didn’t like the idea of the pundit critiquing the way Arsenal play at the weekend while still picking up a pay check from us during the week. Although Henry reportedly offered to coach at Colney for free, he would have still had to see the players he was laying into on national TV after each game so I can completely see where Wenger is coming from, if true.

It’s good that Henry’s learning a lot from Martinez. It’s perhaps a better move for him from that respect, although at Arsenal he would be coaching for most of the year rather than just during the interlul.

I’m sure he’ll return one day.

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