Bayern Munich’s Thiago praised Alexis Sanchez ahead of Arsenal’s trip to the Allianz on Wednesday night.

The Spain international hailed the fact that the Alexis lives and breathes football, and even noted that he would do well in Germany – or anywhere for that matter.

“It’s not about how he fits in the Premier League,” Thiago said. “He’s good. It’s just because he’s good. And here in Germany, in England, in Spain, he’s good. He would do great here or everywhere. He’s a great player with a lot of technique and an instinct for goal. And all the time he was so competitive. He’s a guy who wants football, who lives football, who breathes football. And he wants to win like we want to win.”

To be fair, Alexis could do well anywhere. Although he struggled to cement himself in Barcelona’s first team while there, he was behind some of Europe’s biggest stars and since then has developed into his own player. He doesn’t play in others’ shadows, he creates his own.

While the Chilean’s future at Arsenal is up for debate since his contract ends in a little under 18 months, there have been no real links to Bayern as of yet, which is surprising. However, Thiago doesn’t mean anything by his comments, simply that Alexis is a great player who could fit into any team in any league, which you can’t really argue with.

Source: The Mail.