Since signing for Arsenal in 2013, Mesut Ozil has come under an increasing amount of criticism for going missing in big games and it seems the stats back this up.

Ozil is one of my favourite players and I’m loathed to say a bad word against him but even I can’t argue against the fact that he does appear to suddenly become invisible in big games. Although this can be partly attribute to the players surrounding him, since our midfield can seem completely missing at times thanks to certain midfielders’ positioning, there is definitely a pattern.

Now, while a lot of the stats presented in Oulala‘s graphic are a result Arsenal in general being terrible against top teams, his goals and assists (or lack of) are individually highlighted.

Since Ozil joined Arsenal in 2013, Arsenal have failed to beat Spurs, although this can be put down to the fact that our north London rivals have grown stronger in recent seasons.

Ozil has scored a total of five goals against the ‘top five’ teams – Liverpool, Spurs, Chelsea, Manchester City and United – and has managed seven assists.

If you consider the fact that he’s assisted a total of 40 goals during his time at Arsenal – 19 of which were last season – you begin to get a picture of where or who he’s not performing against.

Although this isn’t catastrophic, the former Real Madrid man does need to be doing more.