Krstian Bielik is absolutely loving his life at Birmingham City on loan, saying he’d ‘love to stay longer’ in the Championship.

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Bielik was a second half substitute after Birmingham were reduced to ten men against Wolves on Friday night. His performance impressed many with Birmingham fans singing his praises after the 2-1 win which saw the Blues end a three-game losing streak.

Speaking after the game, Bielik was asked about his experiences at Birmingham so far and you can tell from his expressions in the video above just how much he is really enjoying it.

He also seems really surprised to be loving it so much.

“I think it’s massive experience for me,” Bielik said.

“Of course in 23s’ league with Arsenal it is a little bit similar.

“[But] I play now with big lads. In the 23s they are not big men, they are boys, so it is much easier.

“Here, you could see I just jumped to head and usually I was winning these in the 23s. Now it’s really hard. Three times the doctor had to help me.

“It’s really good experience and I’m happy, I never thought the Championship is a league like this. I’m really happy that I’m here and I want to play more and more. Just waiting for my chance.

“You never know [in this league] the teams from the top can lose with teams from the bottom. We don’t have bad teams in this league, you have to respect everyone. We respect everyone.

“We have to do our job as best we can. We need wins. We are a team who wants to be on the top and we just do our best and look forward. I don’t know what to say, it’s a really good night for us.

“They welcomed me [in the dressing room] really nice. There is Tomas [Kuszczak], he is Polish.

“I wasn’t actually scared but I just came to the dressing room, said hello to everybody. I think everyone wants to help me. They know I am not a bad player and they are very important for me and I can help them.

“I came here for good experience, [but] I really like them. I love it.

“[The] Championship is a really good league. I’d like to stay here longer because it’s really good experience.

“I have to come back to Arsenal and if I don’t get a chance, you could see…it’s really good.”

READ MORE: Bielik ‘inspired’ as Birmingham beat Wolves