Coming back from the Emirates Stadium, I am puzzled and wonder why the players did their Jekyll and Hyde impression in the game against Watford.

So let’s rate them period by period.

First half overview:

Abysmal, unacceptable and unprofessional from the team.

Cech 6.5

Conceded two goals, wrong-footed for the first one, abandoned by his defence for the second. Did make a few good saves.

Gabriel 3

Booked, clumsy, technically looked like Jenkinson at times.

Mustafi 3

Not his usual performance standard, spent a lot of time complaining and gesticulating.

Koscielny 4

Tried his best on a sinking ship.

Monreal 3

Booked for diving, tried his best, but things were not coming off for him.

Coquelin 3

Tried to play his role, but the midfield was all over the place.

Ramsey n/a

Injured early on, pairing with Coquelin did not seem to work.

Iwobi, Sanchez and Ozil 3

Ghosts on the pitch and did not create anything off the ball.

Giroud 2.5

Did not perform in his role, offside, could not hold the ball, rightly subbed at half-time.


Oxlade- Chamberlain 5.5

Tired to add some impetus in midfield and wake up a fully asleep team.

Second half overview:

A certain improvement, could and should have won it but for the lack of a final ball and clinical finishing with many chances created.

Cech 6

Not much to do in the second half.

Gabriel 5

Definitely not an attacking full-back, but he tried his best to help the attack.

Mustafi 4.5

Some poor passing in the game, definitely under par and his first defeat as an Arsenal player.

Koscielny 5.5

Serious job done defending high on the pitch.

Monreal  5

Tried to help going forward.

Oxlade- Chamberlain 6.5

Tried to create in the second half with a good passing range.

Coquelin 6

Stuck to the task much better than in the first half before being subbed for an attacking player.

Iwobi 7.5

A goal and a threat in the second until he was moved to central midfield where he was too far away from the penalty area.

Sanchez 5

Too many touches, it is clear that he sometimes does not look and take the information to localise his team-mates, hence 10 touches too many that slows down the play.

Ozil 6

A better second half with more movement and creativity from the playmaker.


Walcott 6.5

Brought his pace and movement, shame about his lack of clinical finishing and quality crossing because he could have been the match winner.

Perez 6.5

Came on the wing to offer options but that meant Iwobi moving deeper and getting less involved.

So a deserved defeat, because you can’t win games by playing only for 45 minutes.

I would think that certain players lost their place in the starting 11 for the big games with their performance last night. Or, at least, I would hope so.