Arsene Wenger spoke more about Granit Xhaka’s red card against Burnley ahead of Arsenal’s FA Cup clash against Southampton.

While the manager believes the straight red card from referee Jon Moss was a little harsh, he also reckons that Xhaka is clumsy and he should expect punishment if he continues to make those types of tackles.

“I felt that the sending off was harsh when I watched it again,” Wenger said. “It was not a dangerous tackle, it was a clumsy tackle. You have to accept that he can be punished for these kinds of tackles now. He has to learn from that. I don’t think he wanted to injure anybody. He has to learn from it. Unfortunately we will lose him for four games in a very important period of the season. Hopefully we will get away with it.”

I’m very much of the opinion that the Switzerland isn’t a nasty player as such, just rash when he panics. Since signing for Arsenal in the summer, the midfielder has made a few challenges that have either resulted in red cards or a penalty and it’s usually because he panics when he misses or loses the ball.

Hopefully, time and patience can help stop this in future, since he could turn into a liability if it continues and given he’s 24, he’s at an age where we need to really be stamping down on this kind of behaviour.

Wenger seems to understand this.