Sol Campbell is turning his thoughts to management and fancies the Arsenal job in the future after recently claiming he’d love to coach John Stones at Manchester City.

Trying his hand at politics first, he seems to have shelved that career after he failed to make the Tory shortlist for London Mayor and is now back focusing on football. Recently, he was talking about how he could turn John Stones fortunes around at Manchester City, now he wants to be a manager and is certainly not low on self-confidence despite zero experience.

“I’ve done all the badges. I’ve got a great history, but obviously haven’t got experience in a managerial job,” he said.

“I’m waiting, I’m talking, I’m tapping up, I’m cultivating deals. I’m on about four or five possibilities to try to get a job.

“Hopefully a situation will come. Hopefully something will click with a certain director where they’ll say ‘let’s bring him in and have a conversation with him’.

“That is definitely my goal [to manage Arsenal], to have the type of quality players around me, and a quality system. But you’ve got to build up to that.

“I’m just going to wait until an opportunity arises, and it ticks the boxes for the directors, and it ticks the boxes for me, and I offer the difference,” he added.

Campbell was speaking ahead of the British Ethnic Diversity Sports Awards.