Former Spurs boss, Harry Redknapp, has leveled some pretty harsh criticism at Arsene Wenger and Granit Xhaka following both of their performances during the Burnley match last weekend.

The Premier League clash, which Arsenal managed to win 2-1 in the final minute via a penalty, saw Xhaka being shown a straight red card for a clumsy challenge and Wenger sent away from the dugout before pushing the fourth official.

Although the manager’s are meant to lead by example and I can understand that what Wenger did is unacceptable, I’m not entirely sure why Redknapp had to write (I thought he couldn’t write?) his whole column on the incident.

“What [Wenger] did against Burnley was unacceptable,” Redknapp wrote for the London Evening Standard. “His players made mistakes, not the officials. Unfortunately for him, Francis Coquelin was clumsy and the referee made the right decision in awarding a penalty. They had been put under pressure by Granit Xhaka, who needs to stop acting like an idiot — how many times is he going to get himself sent off? None of that is the fourth official’s fault.”

Yes, Wenger should and will be punished, this isn’t something he’s disputed, so I’m wondering why everyone’s quite so up in arms about it considering it’s hardly the first time this has happened.

Xhaka’s challenge was silly and I haven’t seen one Gooner defending it. He’s got the red card and a four-match ban. What more do people want?