It’s nice to win easy for a change, isn’t it!

Although the match against Swansea started slow and “same old same old”, we managed to shift it up a gear in second half and win with 4 goal margin – enough to jump above Liverpool until they play United on Sunday.

It was a good team performance, although it definitely needs some more work. Basically no weak links in this match in the Arsenal team, just some that could perform better – especially off pitch *sideeyes Alexis*.

Petr Čech – 7

After giving an interview during the week, and receiving some criticism from Arsenal fans about his performances lately, Čech stepped it up against Swansea and performed well. A clean sheet is a massive boost for him and us. He did really well to keep it with some good saves, although Swansea barely threatened us in the second half.

Gabriel – 7

Gabriel stepped in at the right back for this match and did very well defensively in an unnatural position. Defensively, there were practically no issues for him. He tried to join with attacks as you expect from a right-back, but he’s definitely not Bellerin – and no one expects him to be. Good match for our Brazilian.

Shkodran Mustafi – 7

It was nice to see Mustafi not struggling! He was very much off in last two matches but looked good against Swansea. He didn’t start very well – no one did – but his confidence grew with the match and he was very comfortable during whole second half. Lots of passes as well.

Laurent Koscielny – 7

200th start for Koscielny in the league and I still get amazed with his skill – but also with the silly mistakes he can make! A good match for our captain, again. Dealt really well with Llorente (remember when we were in for him? Lol!). He looked slightly off at the beginning with some dangerous passes, but he got better and better. Referee correctly called no penalty, although it looked dangerous on first viewing.

Nacho Monreal – 7

Really good match for our Nacho, both defensively and in attack. He was kicked hard by Swansea’s Dyer during whole first half – you’d expect it to be the other way around – but got better in the second and managed to deliver some okay crosses as well.

Granit Xhaka – 7

Yet another chance for my beloved combo of Xhaka-Ramsey today, and again nothing spectacular from them! Such a shame. But, honestly, Xhaka didn’t do much wrong – he did his job really well, especially if you compare this to our first match against Swansea this season.

Aaron Ramsey – 7.5

Good match from Aaron, did well in the midfield and had a few chances to score – but Fabianski was being a good keeper. He helped create our goals and looked a threat most of the time. I do wish he’d have a shot more often.

Alex Iwobi – 9

Mine, and everyone’s, MOTM today – some even go as far to say it was his best performance for Arsenal. Again, not too into it during first half like the most of the team but by far our best performer in second. Played a huge part in three of our goals but created even more, and I still think he could have done even better but I blame it on his age and lack of experience.

Mesut Özil – 7

Fairly quiet match for Mesut who returned to the first team after being out for two weeks – and that explains it all. He didn’t do anything wrong, he didn’t do anything spectacular, but he was there and helped create several chances.

Alexis Sanchez – 8

Our big baby Alexis had a good match, being his old self, keeping the ball for too long but then passing nicely. His cross was a huge part of our first goal, and he added a goal to his tally later in second half. I won’t talk about his childish tantrum when he was (rightfully) subbed off, as I’m sure there will be tens of articles written about it.

Olivier Giroud – 8

Five goals in five matches for our sexy Frenchman up front, amazing stats! Many would still drop him and start him from the bench, but he’s scored in every (yes, EVERY) match he has started in the league since April last year. You can’t deny it – he’s in top form at the moment. The injury he sustained during that goal is definitely a worry, but hopefully not too big of an issue.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain – 7

Ox came on for Giroud and did a good job. His cross was a part of the buildup for our last goal, and he posed a threat on the left.

Lucas Perez, Danny Welbeck – n/a

Not enough time, sadly.