It’s never boring or easy with Arsenal, is it?

We’ve experienced that Burnley match so many times before. Other clubs drop points, we have a chance to close the gap with a win at home against mid-table team, and what do we do?

We nearly blow it.

Only nearly this time.

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A roller-coaster of a match, where most players actually did okay but we still have some names that stand out. Along with the referee.

Petr Čech – 6.5

Čech yet again failed to save a penalty that was going straight down the middle [edit – I’m not sure why people criticise Cech so much. 1. A keeper should never be given a chance to save a penalty and 2. It has been proven time and time again that if keepers stand still they will save a lot of penalties but that psychologically they can’t/won’t do that. It’s not just him]. He was at least close this time, had his hand on it. Maybe next time he’ll save it. At least we know there will be a next time with our record of conceding penalties this season. Otherwise he did a good job.

Gabriel – 6.5

Yet another decent performance on the right for Brazilian. Nothing spectacular but good enough. He was going up front more this time but didn’t do much besides a few crosses. Could be his last performance in that position with Bellerin getting a few minutes at the end of the match.

Shkodran Mustafi- 8

He never loses and now he’s even scored. His brilliant header for our first goal only the cherry on top of his really good defensive display – despite getting elbowed a few times. Strong in the air, going up front more than usual and always pushing his players on.

Laurent Koscielny  – 7

A good match for our captain who won us the penalty in dying minutes of the match. Burnley fans will hate him! Besides that, decent defensive display with better first half than second but no major mistakes.

Nacho Monreal – 6.5

Monreal was a part of almost all our attacks in first half, even had some chances to score where he perhaps should have done better but blame that on the fact he is a left back, not a striker. Defensively okay.

Granit Xhaka  – 5

Oh Granit. As much as I dislike Moss and think he shouldn’t be a ref, it was the right decision to give Granit a red card. A reckless tackle, totally unnecessary and stupid, and even Wenger criticised him after the match. I wish those tackles were always a red card though, not only for the players with “a reputation”. It’s such a shame because he was actually really good before that, with most passes, linking well with both Ramsey and Mesut. Get it together, Granit!

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Aaron Ramsey – 7

I had a feeling Ramsey would score today with how the match went on but oh well! He was doing well and trying to get a goal, both for himself and for his teammates, but no final product. Everyone will talk about that scorpion kick fail as if that’s the only thing he did today. That rabona cross for Giroud was the best move of a very eventful match.

Alex Iwobi – 6.5

Iwobi got the start on the right once again and he did, well, okay. He was there, joining in attacks, adding some good passes, doing his best, but I expected more, at least more concrete. He’s definitely showing that he’s a great prospect every match but maybe Lucas Perez next match in his place.

Mesut Özil – 7.5

It’s good to see Mesut back properly and he definitely enjoyed it – 100% pass accuracy in first half! By the end of the match he added an assist with a lovley corner kick right on Mustafi’s head. He added a few shots to his name which, I have to be honest, could have been better, but it was overall a really good performance by our German magician.

Alexis Sanchez – 7.5

Alexis delivered in front of a banner with his dogs on it. It was the only thing everyone talked about in first half so I won’t. I’ll focus on how wasteful Alexis actually was today. 6 shots and only 1 on target and they were all from really good positions and situations. He made up for it with his ice cold penalty in the last minute but I have a feeling he should have done more today.

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Olivier Giroud  – 6.5

Not a match to remember for Giroud, and his first start since April last year without a goal. He didn’t do much, although he tried. I’m afraid he won’t start in next league match.

Francis Coquelin  – 6

Coq came on to replace a Granit Xhaka shaped hole and boy did he do well! He gave away a penalty. I mean, he was okay other than that (great ball for Welbz) but it just proves why many Arsenal fans don’t like him and are scared when he’s playing. Can’t wait for the trip to Stamford Bridge!

Danny Welbeck- 6

Danny got more minutes than last time and he nearly scored! The ball should have been controlled better but we can frogive him.

HectorBellerin  – 0